Maine Buddy Program™

If you are facing your own or a loved one’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, or if you are grieving a loss to cancer, the Maine Buddy Program can help.  The statewide, one-to-one program provides an important complement to support provided by family and friends by connecting you with a trained volunteer who has “been there” in a similar cancer experience.

How can a Buddy help?

  • Buddies can use their unique perspective to provide support, hope, and encouragement as you move through your or your loved one’s cancer journey or grief process.
  • Buddies can provide an opportunity for sharing information and for talking through treatment options and other decisions.
  • Buddies can share their own cancer stories and strategies for coping.

How does the program work?

  • Because everyone’s needs for support are different, the program is flexible, connecting people in many ways.
  • Buddies are available at any stage of the treatment or loss experience.
  • Matches can be made using a wide variety of individual criteria, including but not limited to, the type of cancer or treatment, age, and geographic location.
  • Buddies can choose to talk over the telephone or they can agree to meet in person, if possible.
  • You can talk with a Buddy once, or stay in contact for a period of many months.

For information on finding a Buddy, please call Molly at the Cancer Community Center (774-2200) or email

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”   ~ Chinese proverb


“My Buddy and I hit it off from day one.  What a godsend she was.  I will be forever grateful for her support!  So, I guess you can say that she made a really big impact on my day to day living.  I certainly hope the Maine Buddy Program continues because people that go through what I went through need people like my Buddy!  At some point, I think I would consider training to become a “Buddy” to someone who will be walking in my shoes, and hopefully, I would be as inspirational as my Buddy was to me.”