Networking and Support Groups

“When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’, even Illness becomes Wellness.” ~Sushan R. Sharma


Center groups are gatherings of people facing similar cancer experiences.  Groups are co-lead by volunteer facilitators who are trained to maintain the group as a shared, comfortable space for all.

Some group members use the time to talk about what is going on for them or their loved one; others benefit from simply listening.  Most use a support group as a place to explore problem-solving strategies, resources, and methods for coping with symptoms of illness, side-effects of treatment and the daily impact of cancer.

Support group participants report that the experience provides support and hope for the future, decreased feelings of isolation and coping skills for managing a cancer diagnosis.

To see a calendar listing of support group dates and times, visit our Program Calendar.

Support & Networking Groups offered at the Cancer Community Center

Caregiver Support Group
For anyone affected by someone else’s cancer, whether you support a friend or family member emotionally, or provide direct care. For caregivers only. Meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Dancing on the Edge
Dancing on the Edge is a group for people living with a recurrent, metastatic or terminal cancer diagnosis. This group comes together to explore how we can find a place of acceptance, peace and love that does not depend on a cure. Meets the second Thursday of each month.

Gynecological & Breast Cancer Group
For women seeking support for breast cancer and women diagnosed with ovarian and other gynecological cancers. Meets the second and fourth Tuesday monthly.

Leukemia, Lymphoma & Multiple Myeloma Group
Offered by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
For adult patients and family members coping with leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, or multiple myeloma. Meets the third Tuesday monthly.

Live2Thrive Group
For young adults affected by cancer, their friends and family. First Tuesday.

Lymphedema Support Group
Offered by Mercy’s Lymphedema Treatment Center
For people who have either secondary or primary lymphedema. Meets the 1st Wednesday of every other month. Please call 400-8520 to register. Lunch is provided

Lung Cancer Family Support Group
For patients and family members coping with lung cancer. Provides support, information and networking. Meets once a month on the fourth Thursday.

Multiple Myeloma Group
Offered by the International Myeloma Foundation
This group is for people living with a multiple myeloma diagnosis, their friends and family. The group meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Group
For prostate cancer patients, partners and caregivers dealing with advanced prostate cancer and hormone therapy. Drop-ins encouraged. This group meets monthly on the third Monday.

Southern Maine Prostate Cancer Support Group
For men living with prostate cancer. Partners, family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. This group meets the second Tuesday of each month.

Weekly Cancer Support Group
For patients, family members and friends.  This group welcomes any adult who has or has had any type of cancer. Friends and family are encouraged to come, with or without the patient. Participants explore experiences common to all types of cancer. Groups meets every Wednesday.