Wellness Activities

For people experiencing cancer, maintaining a wellness plan is a vital part of improving physical and psychological well-being. Some benefits of a fitness regime include: increased lean muscle mass, decreased nausea and fatigue, and improvement of natural defense mechanisms, mood, self-esteem and quality of life.

Experts suggest selecting activities that are comfortable, accessible and enjoyable. The Center promotes the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle with an ongoing, whole foods cooking series and alternative and complementary therapy workshops.  All classes offered are geared to individual needs. Through gentle encouragement, participants move toward improved balance, strength and flexibility.

The Cancer Community Center offers a variety of yoga classes, two dance classes, Tai Chi, Pilates and several different fitness classes. In addition, there are opportunities for guided meditation and individual sessions with practitioners of polarity therapy, reflexology, Reiki and massage therapy.

For more information check out our Program Calendar or call the office at 774-2200.


“I can’t thank the Center enough for the gift of special people and especially new friendships.  The Pilates class allowed me to experience a much easier knee replacement.  The classes strengthened me, pre-operatively requiring less intensive PT post-op.  Again, a very huge THANK YOU!”