Fight Back Festival


Fight Back Festival is our annual family fundraiser held at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester. This event offers something for everyone – while raising thousands of dollars to support services and programs for Mainers touched by cancer.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who raised funds for Mainers whose lives have been disrupted by cancer! With your help and support, Fight Back Festival was a huge success.

Donations are still coming in and we’re tallying the results, which we will have for you soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the 5K trail run results by clicking here.

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Volunteer at Fight Back Festival


The success of Fight Back Festival largely depends on our incredible team of volunteers. To ensure a great day we need great volunteers with all kinds of skills and interests.

Here’s a sampling of the volunteer tasks on festival day:

  • event set up
  • registration
  • Kid Zone activities
  • food prep
  • crossing guards and flaggers for bike rides
  • parking assistance
  • cheer teams along the walk/run and bike routes
  • water stops for runners and bikers
  • event breakdown

Interested in helping? Complete our volunteer interest form and we'll get in touch with you.

Fight Back Festival Volunteer Form

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THANK YOU for your interest in raising funds to support Mainers touched by cancer!

When you register to run, walk, or ride for Fight Back Festival, you are agreeing to reach the $100 minimum fundraising requirement. If you don’t end up raising the $100 minimum, you are agreeing to allow us to charge the credit card you provided during the sign up process for the remainder of the fundraising minimum that wasn’t met. For example, if you raise $75, we’ll automatically charge your card for the remaining $25 and that money will go to support the work of the Cancer Community Center.

We hope you will set your fundraising goal much higher than $100. Once you get started with fundraising, you’ll find that it’s much more fun and easier than you expected.

Tips to help make your Fight Back Festival fundraising successful:

  • Start with your own donation. Show people that you believe in the cause enough to give your own gift.
  • Aim high. Set an ambitious personal fundraising goal. People will get jazzed when they see you striving to reach new heights and they will want to help you reach your goal.
  • Share your story. When you register, you will be given the opportunity to set up an online fundraising page. Use this page to tell your friends, family, and co-workers why this cause is important to you. Add pictures and update your page often to keep your followers informed of your progress towards your fundraising goal.
  • Use social media. Be sure to tell your Facebook friends about Fight Back Festival and your fundraising goal. You can link to Facebook directly from your fundraising page. If you tweet or use other social media, spread the word there as well. Share your progress on the Fight Back Festival event page on Facebook to reach a wider audience of people interested in the cause.
  • Remember holidays and special occasions. Ask friends and family members to make a donation to your Fight Back Festival fundraising page instead of buying gifts.
  • Consider matching gifts. Many workplaces offer matching gifts for charitable events. If your place of business has a matching gifts program, find out how you can qualify to receive one towards reaching your fundraising goal.
  • Know the cause. Visit our website to familiarize yourself with the programs and services of the Cancer Community Center so you can tell people exactly how their donations will be used to help people touched by cancer.
  • Adopt a positive attitude. Raising money for a cause that matters to you can bring joy to both you and the people you invite to be part of the giving. Be sure to say thank you often!

Can’t attend Fight Back Festival in person? You can still help us raise funds to support our work. Visit the Fight Back Festival registration page and choose the Fundraiser registration option. This allows you to set up a fundraising page without registering for the event.

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps us reach our fundraising goal for this event!

5K Trail Run/Walk

Are you ready to tackle the trails of Pineland Farms?

The Fight Back Festival 5K trail run/walk is on well-maintained cross country trails that twist, turn, and roll their way through forests and fields, past working farmland. The trails are level, wide and non-technical with no roots or rocks, but very hilly. Although there are no major climbs, the terrain is continuously rolling. The surface of the trails is mainly grass and dirt sprinkled with pine needles, pine cones, twigs and small stones. Trail running shoes are recommended but not necessary.

Registration fee includes water/rest stop, admission to Fight Back Festival, boxed lunch, and beer(21+).

New this year: All riders age 18 and over are required to raise a minimum of $100 in support of our programs and services for people affected by cancer.

Click here for a map of the 5K trail run/walk.

Not Dead Yet Bike Ride

The Not Dead Yet bike ride is an 11-year tradition that takes riders through the beautiful rolling hills of Pownal, Durham, Brunswick, Freeport, and North Yarmouth. Starting and ending at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Not Dead Yet has 25 and 50 mile options. The ride was originally started as a way for two local physicians to celebrate their successful battles with cancer. Are you ready to ride with these guys?

New this year: All riders age 18 and over are required to raise a minimum of $100 in support of our programs and services for people affected by cancer. Registration fee includes supported ride with water/rest stops, admission to Fight Back Festival, boxed lunch, and beer(21+).

Click here to see bike route maps.

Click here for a PDF file of the bike route maps.

Safety on the Not Dead Yet Ride

The bike route is carefully designed with clear signage, water stops, and volunteers along the route for assistance. A sag vehicle is available should you need it. Please note that all roads will be OPEN during the Not Dead Yet bike rides!  Please read the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s Group Ride Guidelines for important rules of the road.

Please remember these important safety tips:

Be Predictable: Look before you make a move. Riders and motorists expect you to ride in a straight line and at a consistent speed. Avoid sudden changes in speed or lane position. Scan behind and to the side before changing position.

Communicate: Clearly communicate to other riders changes in speed or direction, road hazards, pedestrians and vehicles. Call out “car back”, “slowing” or “stopping” as needed. Communicate calls throughout the group. Coordinate group turns and moves.

Ride Smart: Be alert. Be aware of riders around you. Avoid overlapping wheels.

Avoid Riding More than Two Abreast: Group riding often requires riding two abreast. While this is not illegal in Maine, please exercise your rights with courtesy.

Choose Proper Lane Positioning: Maine law permits bikes to ride in the travel lane as far right as is practical. A rider is permitted to use the entire travel lane where hazards exist or where it is unsafe for a car and bike to travel side by side. Never cross yellow center lines. Be courteous and use the shoulder when it is safe to do so.

Don’t Pass on Right: Gather behind the last car in line at an intersection. Although Maine law permits a cyclist to pass cars on the right at an intersection, such behavior is discouraged in group rides as a courtesy to motorists.

Be Courteous at Intersections: Obey traffic signs and signals at intersections. At stop signs, consider moving as a single unit through intersections if all riders feel it is safe to do so. Slow and stop at yellow lights. Consider adopting a policy of stopping or slowing after intersections when the group is split.

Be Visible: Wear bright colors. Maine law requires cyclists use lights in darkness, and they are recommended in reduced visibility conditions.

Kid Zone, Warrior Walk, Live Music, and More!

So, you registered for the 5K trail run/walk or the Not Dead Yet bike ride. You’ve set up your fundraising page and the donations have started coming in. Awesome!

See what else Fight Back Festival 2016 has in store for you.

Kid Zone: In partnership with Pineland branch of the YMCA of Southern Maine, we’re offering fun activities for kids of all ages.

Warrior Walk: Because cancer is such a common occurrence, most of us are affected by it in some way. In recognition of that unfortunate reality, we are including a short Warrior Walk on the festival grounds for people actively battling cancer, survivors, and people in a supporting role. Again this year, we’ll be lead by bagpiper (and cancer survivor) Ray O’Donnell. You’ll want to be part of this moving experience.

Tribute Tree: Again this year, all Fight Back Festival participants will have the chance to place leaves on our tribute tree in honor or memory of a family member or friend who has faced cancer.

Live Music: Even if we don’t quite understand their name, we love the energy and music of Fight at the Family Picnic and we’re glad to have them performing again this year.

Lunch: Lunch is included with your run, walk, or bike registration fee. You can purchase additional lunches for family members and friends by registering them as Super Fans on our event registration page.

Schedule of Events



Fight Back Festival 2016 Schedule of Events

7:45 am:  Registration Opens

9:00 am: 50-mile Not Dead Yet bike ride starts, Kid Zone Opens

9:30 am: 25-mile Not Dead Yet bike ride starts

10:00 am: Fight at the Family Picnic performance begins

10:15 am:  5K trail run & walk start

11:15: Warrior Walk on festival grounds

11:30: Event Program & Awards

Noon: Lunch is served