debby smallHair Matters @ Ocean Waves is a collaboration with the Cancer Community Center, to provide free services and wigs for people experiencing cancer-related hair loss.

Debby Porter is the driving force behind Hair Matters @ Ocean Waves. Her inspiration for this service comes from her own cancer experience. In 2012, at the age of forty-four, Debby was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has lived with the challenges of maintaining a positive self-identity while dealing with the physical changes caused by cancer treatment.

If you are experiencing cancer-related hair loss, you can receive free consultation services and a free wig through Hair Matters @ Ocean Waves. This service of the Cancer Community Center provides the salon experience in a private setting, at no cost to you.

Hair Matters can help you before, during and after your cancer treatments.
Before Starting Treatment: Consider meeting with Debby to discuss your plans for dealing with hair loss. This may include getting your hair cut short to minimize the change/shock when it begins to fall out
During Treatment: Debby can give you tips for skin and scalp care during treatment. Debby will also wash and set your wig for you. She can help you with accessories like hats, scarves and headbands. Debby can also make  recommendations for dealing with eyebrow and eyelash loss.
After Treatment: Visit Debby for help with shaping and styling your hair as it grows back, easing the transition from a wig to your own hair.

All Hair Matters services are offered at no charge, by appointment to men and women experiencing cancer-related hair loss.

Call Debby at 207-216-1016 to set up an appointment.