June 4, 2017 is National Cancer Survivors Day. During the month of June, we are revisiting some of the cancer survivor stories we’ve shared with you in the past and giving you an update on how each person is doing.

Ryann Chamberlain’s story was shared on our blog in October, 2016. Here is Ryann’s update.

You know, not much has changed since I wrote that piece (last fall). It’s amazing how time can simultaneously fly by and stand still.

I still have ups and downs, still struggle with the realities that a life post-cancer provides, still have the physical side effects treatment left me with…and I still have great days too, of course! Days that I almost forget cancer changed everything. My goal now is to have more of those days.

It’s about balance at this point. I think the more I struggled to ignore the sad days, the painful days, the sick days; the more bad days I would have overall. Something I’ve learned over these past few years is to accept that it’s okay to have these feelings, the feelings that it’s not fair, and it’s normal to do so because in a way, it almost makes it easier to have and ENJOY the good days. Cancer, and the process that comes with it, is nothing you can ignore.

And I still love the Face2Face support group we run at the Center. Like I mentioned in the original blog post, I find it to be just as therapeutic for myself as I know some of the other members do too. There is indeed safety in numbers.

You have to take it day by day. It’s really the only way to not overwhelm yourself.

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